Date of Award

Spring 5-17-2019

Document Type


First Advisor

Qi Wang

Second Advisor

Judith Mounty

Third Advisor

Christina Shen-Austin


Employment has long been a serious, far-reaching social problem within the deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) population. To unearth potential issues that contribute to such a problem, I conducted an honors capstone research on barriers to job satisfaction of D/HH employees, in which job satisfaction is a direct evaluation method of the relationship between nature of organizational structures and expectations that employees have of their work. Using a qualitative design with a review of existing literature, semi-structured interviews of 11 participants, a data transcription of American Sign Language interviews into English, and an interpretive analysis of interview discoveries, I offered a more comprehensive understanding of the nine barriers that affect job satisfaction of D/HH employees, and developed five crucial recommendations for facilitating more equitable and inclusive work environments where D/HH employees can grow and thrive on a par with their hearing peers.



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