Date of Award

Spring 5-14-2021

Document Type


First Advisor

James McCann

Second Advisor

Bobbie Jo Kite


The purpose of this research-based creative product was to provide a workshop to parents of toddlers providing information on preventative language stimulation strategies, specifically recasting and expansion. The original proposed study intended to analyze outcomes based on a pretest/posttest design, but due to recruitment challenges, it changed. Four remote synchronous workshops were planned: one for hearing parents of children acquiring ASL, one for hearing parents of children acquiring spoken English, one for deaf parents of children acquiring spoken English and ASL, and one for deaf parents of children acquiring ASL. Due to struggles with participant recruitment, I instead developed a recorded presentation about recasting and expansion that could be presented to parents in an asynchronous format to teach them how to utilize these strategies to further develop their children’s language. The examples of strategies were tailored to fit parents’ needs, depending on what languages their children were acquiring, so examples of strategies in both ASL and English were presented; the information was presented in ASL with a voiceover in spoken English.



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