Date of Award

Spring 5-14-2021

Document Type


First Advisor

Joshua Schneider

Second Advisor

Tugba Kucukkal


In this capstone project, I developed a mathematical process that was inserted into computer programmed models that simulated the formation of rainbows with the guidance of professors from Gallaudet University who are well-informed in the subject. The context of my project consists of three points: the mathematical process of creating mathematical equations from a variety of mathematical and scientific sources, the manipulation of the shape of raindrops and its subsequent effect on rainbow arches by using a series of mathematical equations to help the computer program to create a hamburger-shaped raindrop model, and the analyzation of the results discovered from experimenting with the model. My work shows that light rays passing through hamburger-shaped raindrops result in a rainbow angle that may deviate significantly from the previously found value of 42 degrees for a spherical shaped raindrop. This Capstone will greatly contribute to the meteorology research topics field and will benefit the Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STM) community at Gallaudet University as it promotes student interest in STM topics.



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