Date of Award

Spring 5-13-2016

Document Type


First Advisor

Kristen Harmon

Second Advisor

Barbara Stock


Ghost Stories is a collection of three short stories that all make philosophical arguments. I define philosophy as an activity of thought that aspires to inquire into the nature of existence. I believe there are many ways to express philosophical thoughts, and I do philosophy in story form. The title story, Ghost Stories, is a Christian theodicy responding to The Book of Job that argues God should be held responsible for evil that happens in the world and that humans have the power to forgive God. The Palaces of Memory illustrates a new theory of personal identity as well as draws from St. Augustine’s Confessions to argue that losing one’s memory might allow one to find their essential self. The Library of Alexandria is an exploration of epistemology and the nature of knowledge. All of the stories are tied together by Christian themes and how they try to gain key insights into the nature of being.



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