Date of Award

Spring 5-15-2015

Document Type


First Advisor

Qi Wang

Second Advisor

Earl C. Parks, Jr.

Third Advisor

Peter Un


Most software applications have yet to be optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Such is the case with Gallaudet University’s enterprise information systems, Bison, the university’s administration system, including all records except for finances and Blackboard, the university’s learning management system. A two-part project addressed this lack of mobile optimization with Bison. The first part was the Residence Life Sticker Project intended to familiarize the developer with Gallaudet’s internal IT systems. It involved developing a web form for the Office of Residence Life to record receipt of ID card stickers, handbooks, and release room consent information. The second part was the Bison Mobile Project, a mobile application using Oracle’s hybrid mobile framework to allow Gallaudet University students to enroll in courses and view class schedules, holds, and financial information on their mobile devices. In addition to development of this app for mobile devices, the developer documented his work in a report for future technical staff. In summary, the three final products were a web form page, a mobile application, and a mobile application development report.



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