Date of Award

Summer 7-18-2013

Document Type


First Advisor

Paula Rodriguez

Second Advisor

Roberto Sanchez

Third Advisor

Christi Batamula


According to the World Federation of the Deaf, at least 90% of deaf people in developing countries are not receiving any education (Hauland & Allen, 2011). Very little research has been done on deaf education in Ecuador specifically. Although some deaf children in Ecuador are receiving an education, their education is impeded by insufficient communication access, lack of government awareness about best practices, and a shortage of teachers with deaf-specific work experience and training. This project provides an analysis of Ecuador’s disabled citizens in general and deaf and hard-of-hearing people in particular, as a context for a focus on education of deaf and hard of hearing students. This focus results in creation of tools to conduct an educational needs assessment at the National Institute for Hearing and Language located in Quito, Ecuador. Needs assessments prioritize issues and propose resolutions to such issues; this one concentrates on services and access as well as the level of instruction for the curriculum at the National Institute for Hearing and Language. With the help of an educational needs assessment, the institution should be able to prepare their students to obtain a higher education or otherwise to improve their opportunities to create more productive and fulfilling lives for themselves and their nation.



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