Date of Award

Spring 5-12-2024

Document Type


First Advisor

Qi Wang

Second Advisor

Jeffrey Miller


This paper compares the challenges that Deaf business people face in the US and China. The goal is to understand the experience of Deaf people in each country and to see what each country can learn from the other. To understand the experience of Deaf people in these countries, I will first look at the history of disability in each country and the challenges Deaf people face with gaining employment or becoming entrepreneurs. Then, I compare the cultural attitudes of each country towards Deaf people and the policy frameworks each country uses to create opportunities for Deaf people. Finally, this paper ends with some recommendations for how both China and the US can improve outcomes for Deaf people, including publishing national data on Deaf employment, examining programs to provide equal access in communication and education, and policy innovations in each country that can benefit Deaf people.



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