Date of Award

Spring 4-8-2024

Document Type


First Advisor

Oscar Ocuto

Second Advisor

Melissa Herzig

Third Advisor

Stacy Nowak


This capstone study explores students' engagement levels in Gallaudet’s classrooms through a compilation of videos courtesy of Gallaudet’s Bilingual Evaluation, Testing, and Assessment Center (BETA Center). Students' engagement in videos of classes taught by a professor who uses ASL interpreters (indirect communication) and those of professors fluent in ASL (direct communication) are analyzed. The video analysis consists of two classes taught by professors fluent in ASL and one taught by a professor utilizing ASL interpreters. Student and professor surveys also contributed to the data collection. This research aims to analyze the differences between each classroom type and contribute to identifying what makes teaching (either direct or interpreted) more accessible and engaging for students in the setting of a Deaf school. The investigation concludes that direct ASL instruction in the classroom encourages more student engagement. In addition to direct ASL in the classroom, results show that professors who ask questions of students tend to increase student engagement. The importance of this investigation is to make aware Gallaudet faculty of what environment is most engaging in a signing environment to further enhance the educational experience and success of its students to create the most inclusive learning environment for Deaf college students.



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